Words flowing in and out of wall

Words flowing in and out of a wall

Deatil of words flowing in and out of a wall

I thought this creative use of typography in architecture was breathtaking. It’s looks like some sort of poem, and the words seem to dip into the surface of the wall and emerge in a flowing rhythm. Typophile user ngocngo noticed this on a new building and I’m glad he took the time to photograph it and share it.


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    I think your chair example demonadstrates what deisgn is, and what a deisgner might think, but I don’t think it’s specific to informadaadtion deisgn. IMHO a good deisgner[1] occuadpies a metal half-way house between enginadeering and art, and tends to ask the “what if” quesadtions, such as those that you suggest, to make things better.Would it be too simplistic to say that informadaadtion deisgn is doing that specificadally with information?[1] As opposed to a pretenadtious Designer, who will obsess over the importadance of Design (always the capital D) over pracadticadality and call you “daaaarling” a lot. But that’s a different conversation ;-)

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    Thanks for this post many of the postcards are rellay inspiring. I rellay like the image of the birds in Be Yourself . All too often, people try to change themselves to fit in with others, when we rellay should just be ourselves and be proud of ourselves. Lovely blog I’ll definitely be coming back!

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    That’s because ghiprac designers are more often artists. Communication designers can be artists, enginadeers, anyone. By using the chair metaadphor I was attempting to convey that informadaadtion is contained in a lot of things — not just books, leafadlets and posters. Everywhere informadaadtion is required for people to thrive, it can and should be designed.

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