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I’ve decided to move this blog over to Tumblr, you can find it at

Please update your bookmarks and rss feeds. This site will continue to exist for a while for it’s archives, but all new posts will be made on the tumblr site. Hope to see you all there!

3D light painting still frame animation with an iPad

The people at Dentsu London came up with this brilliant method for using cross sections of 3D type on a iPad along with long camera exposures to create an interesting new way of making still frame animations with painted light. The video explains the process and then gets into the actual animation.

Nigeria outer space stamp

Nigerian peaceful use of outer space stamp - 1963

Karen Horton’s stamp collection is always intriguing, but I found this recently added Nigerian Peaceful Use of Outer Space stamp to be so amazing that I just had to spotlight it here. The colors, the type, and the illustrations are amazing, and I would marry that gritty background gradient if I could.


Scrapertown is a short documentary about a movement started in Oakland that keeps kids out of trouble by getting them into decorating their bikes. It’s a breath of fresh air, and will boost your faith in humanity for sure. The beautiful video was created by California is a Place.

Music video created with 178 custom vintage matchbox designs

I love the vintage style matchbook designs created for the music video for the Navigator’s song “My Place”. The amazing designs were created by Pavel Fuksa.

Via Draplin

Casey Britt is Your Favorite

iamyourfavorite by casey britt

A lot of artists have done the whole “create something everyday” thing, buy what grabbed my attention about Casey Britt‘s attempt is his website cataloging it, entitled, IAMYOURFAVORITE. Go ahead, click on a thumbnail, or click “about”, it’s exciting yet functional and not annoying. It is a very nice usage of what I’m guessing is jquery, and, of course, the quality of the actual content helps create an overall pleasant web browsing experience.

Things I’ve recently liked #9

Here are some things I’ve recently like enjoyed. Be sure to click on the images if you want to see where they came from!

So new our package designs have not been completed yet!

This made me laugh, I don’t think I ever seen anything else brag that the product was so new that the package design wasn’t completed yet.

space snow

This photo by Heather Raye took my breath away, it almost looks like a photo taken on the moon!

Braidy Bunch font

Alexa Viscius is working on a font made out of braids, this amuses me.

eastside bookshop identity

Clever logo with the quote marks making the “eb”.

Keith Weaver - Tower

If you haven’t seen Keith Weaver’s iPhone photography, check it out.

Duracell Package

Apparently you get batteries in this nice package when you order in bulk!

yellow beetle

I love the colors and composition in this photo by James Archer.

CDRyan - Gent

Nice illustration by CDRyan on his blog.


Apparently this is a spinner from the Dr. Killdare boardgame. Not sure what that is, but I do know that the type on this is amazing!

Caleb Charland – Science Meets Photography

Caleb Charland - Study with Flashlight

Caleb Charland - Wooden Box with Horseshoe Magnet

Caleb Charland creates intriguing photos based on his love of scientific experiments. If you ever enjoyed playing with fire, water, light, and magnets; you’ll enjoy his collection!

Via PetaPixel

Happy Valentimes!

Happy Valentimes!

Gone Goodbye – Short film made in under 100 hours

I thought Gone Goodbye was beautiful and incredibly well produced, especially since it was made in under 100 hours. There’s a little surprise twist in the plot that is hard to pick up on, but I didn’t even care as I watched it the first time, I was just soaking up the amazing cinematography. If you want to know the meaning, read the spoiler below:

Keith Rivers (Director):
“…the balloon used the man to kill himself, the man by the lake is a bystander of the sequence of events.”

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